Best contacts for dry eyes

Best contacts for dry eyes

Find out what the best contact lenses for dry eyes and are the cheapest places for each line.

If you're one of the many contact lens wear dry eye sufferers, read on to find out what the best contact lenses for dry eyes are AND simple tips you can use to end the dry eye syndrome once for all. Did you know that dry eye is the biggest complaint of contact lens wearers? As much as 50% of the contact carriers to signal that dry eye is a problem?

Let's first take a look in your eyes may become dry WHY first when wearing contacts.

Environment is by far the biggest obstacle. Do you look at a computer screen for most of the day? If you do, then you probably are not blinking at the usual rate and simply flashes usually can relieve dry eye.

Improper use of lenses is also high on the list. Make sure you use your contacts as prescribed. Do not wear them longer than they are designed for and make sure to follow the cleaning instructions for best results. For extended protein accumulation wear lenses can be a problem and therefore lenses should be cleaned on a regular basis with the CORRECT eyewash solution.

All contacts are created equal when it comes to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. Some lenses are specifically designed to reduce dryness of the eye (see below for various brands).

Now you know what could be causing your dry eyes, lets take a look at some of the solutions.

Always consult your eye doctor before making a transition to a different type of contact lenses.

For fast relief have some contact lens rewetting drops practice. This is a short term solution and if you have to go back to using these drops often, consider changing one of contact lenses for dry eye below. Make sure you use rewetting drops that have been designed for your specific purpose.

Change lenses as prescribed. DO NOT wear longer than they were designed. Disposable soft contact lenses will eliminate the protein construct, which is often a cause of dry feeling eyes.

The good news is that with the right type of lens care products and / or materials permeable to oxygen in new silicone hydrogel, the symptoms of dry eyes while wearing contacts will be a thing of the past.

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