Best contacts for dry eyes

  • Best contacts for dry eyes

    Find out what the best contact lenses for dry eyes and are the cheapest places for each line.

    If you're one of the many contact lens wear dry eye sufferers, read on to find out what the best contact lenses for dry eyes are AND simple tips you can use to end the dry eye syndrome once for all. Did you know that dry eye is the biggest complaint of contact lens wearers? As much as 50% of the contact carriers to signal that dry eye is a problem?

    Let's first take a look in your eyes may become dry WHY first when wearing contacts.

    Environment is by far the biggest obstacle. Do you look at a computer screen for most of the day? If you do, then you probably are not blinking at the usual rate and simply flashes usually can relieve dry eye.

    Improper use of lenses is also high on the list. Make sure you use your contacts as prescribed. Do not wear them longer than they are designed for and make sure to follow the cleaning instructions for best results. For extended protein accumulation wear lenses can be a problem and therefore lenses should be cleaned on a regular basis with the CORRECT eyewash solution.

    All contacts are created equal when it comes to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. Some lenses are specifically designed to reduce dryness of the eye (see below for various brands).

    Now you know what could be causing your dry eyes, lets take a look at some of the solutions.

    Always consult your eye doctor before making a transition to a different type of contact lenses.

    For fast relief have some contact lens rewetting drops practice. This is a short term solution and if you have to go back to using these drops often, consider changing one of contact lenses for dry eye below. Make sure you use rewetting drops that have been designed for your specific purpose.

    Change lenses as prescribed. DO NOT wear longer than they were designed. Disposable soft contact lenses will eliminate the protein construct, which is often a cause of dry feeling eyes.

    The good news is that with the right type of lens care products and / or materials permeable to oxygen in new silicone hydrogel, the symptoms of dry eyes while wearing contacts will be a thing of the past.


    what is an astigmatism

  • what is an astigmatism

    Astigmatism is a condition of the eye that causes either blurred vision or a feeling that each eye sees a slightly different objects. A structural problem - usually an unevenly curved cornea or lens - causes light entering the eye does not focus properly. This disorder is quite common, affecting about 30% of people to some extent. Treatment is not always needed, but when the problem is severe, prescription glasses or surgery can help improve the vision of the person.


    The human eye is usually a perfectly round sphere. The light that enters the eye is focused by the cornea and the lens onto a point on the retina where the image is detected and communicated to the brain. In an attack astigmatism person, cornea or lens is not perfectly round; Often it is more like a form of football. When the eye is not bent properly, the light coming into the eye can not focus on a single point, which causes image blur.

    Astigmatism is a type of refractive error, which means that the eye does not bend light into focus on the correct spot on the retina. Nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are refractive errors, caused by the cornea too curved or too flat, respectively. The eyes of people who are myopic focus the image before the retina, while in those who are farsighted focus behind her. People can have both astigmatism and other refractive error; it is estimated that 2/3 of the people who are nearsighted have another condition as well.


    There are different types of astigmatism, as may be irregularly shaped portion of the eye, where the light is focused, and if the principal meridians of the eye are normal or not. This condition can be caused by a defect in either the cornea or the crystalline lens, although the type of the cornea is more common.

    A normal eye focuses an image on a single point; Optometrists draw a more imaginary sign (+) at the center of the pupil, where the focus point should be. These are known as vertical and horizontal or main meridians. In an attack astigmatism person, the two meridians focus at the same point. If one focuses on the retina while the other does not, it is known as simple, while if both are focused either in front or behind the retina, it is known as a compound. One point ahead and behind is called mixed.

    As with nearsightedness and farsightedness, the focus before the retina is called myopic and hyperopic behind. Therefore, if a meridian focuses in front of the retina while the other is on it, it would be called simple myopic astigmatism.

    When the main meridians aligned perpendicularly - which means they meet at a 90 ° angle - it is known as the "regular" astigmatism. If the angle is off, it is called "irregular" and is a little more difficult to treat. The irregular type is often caused by an injury to the eye or a disease called keratoconus, in which the cornea takes a conical shape.


    Astigmatism miners often go unnoticed, but severe cases can cause headaches, squinting and tired eyes, in addition to blurred vision. Most people with corneal irregularities were born with them, but may not notice any problems until they mature. Even those who have few symptoms can be diagnosed with this disease as part of a routine examination. Because many of the signs are not clearly or directly related to vision, people may find that the treatment improves headaches, they were not even really aware.


    There are several ophthalmologic tests to determine the presence and level of astigmatism. Keratometer and a corneal topographer are instruments that can be used to measure the curvature of the cornea. A autorefractor can give an estimate of the ability of the eye to focus light properly. These instruments are non-invasive and most ophthalmologists and optometrists are able to detect even slight curvature problems during a review of the single view.

    Sometimes astigmatism can be detected at home by covering one eye to look at an object, then change to cover the other eye. By going back and forth watching a single object or in a direction, the person may notice that the object appears to move, as if each eye sees a slightly different place. This usually indicates the presence of curvature of the cornea.


    Glasses or contact lenses may be prescribed to treat most forms of astigmatism, but they usually do not correct the situation. Often two different lenses help the eyes to focus together, offsetting the unequal development. Glasses can not be used to treat people with the irregular shape, although some types of contact lenses can usually help. One type of contact lenses actually helps to reshape the eye; This treatment is called orthokeratology, or Ortho-K.

    Surgical correction is an option for severe cases. A number of different procedures can be used to reshape the cornea of ​​the eye and make it more spherical. Laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery uses a laser to sculpt the underside of the cornea after the upper part is raised. Keratectomy (PRK) and a similar technique called laser-assisted sub-epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK) remove or fold the very outer layer of the cornea and reshape the upper surface. An optometrist can help a patient to decide which method is a better option if surgery is recommended.


    Astigmatism contacts LENSES

  • Astigmatism contacts LENSES 

    contact astigmatism lense
    The contact astigmatism lenses are a popular way to treat this condition common eye that affects millions of people. Many people choose astigmatism contact lenses because they will free you from having to wear glasses to correct the condition of eye. The wear glasses is easy to do, but many people do not find them attractive frames or lenses on their faces and glasses can get in your way if you play a contact sport where you need to wear a helmet, or can even make it difficult to execute simple tasks easily, such as applying makeup. There are several features to look for in quality first astigmatism contact lenses and your optometrist is the person with the answers to these and those of vision correction treatments that are appropriate for you.

    It might be helpful first mention what astigmatism previously launched into the astigmatism contact  lenses traits. It occurs when there is an irregular curve of the cornea or lens of the eye and the result is that your vision is blurred because the eye can not focus an image to create a sharp image concentrated on the retina of the eye. It can be caused by corneal scarring, scarring that occurs from passee eye injury, irregularities in the cornea due to eye surgery, the eyeball being too hard seconded by the cover superior of the eye or being hit in the eye. Astigmatism can make you squint, have eye fatigue easily or even headaches. Two different types of astigmatism exist and include regular and irregular. If you have irregular astigmatism, the good news is that the condition can be corrected with contacts for astigmatism.

    Treatments for astigmatism include wear glasses or astigmatism contacts, but the refracting eye surgery is also available. The results of the refracting eye surgery are permanent, making it an attractive option, but the disadvantage is the cost of treatment, which is why many who suffer from astigmatism election astigmatism contact lenses or lenses to correct their vision.

    Your optometrist is the best medical expert to talk to about corrective treatments for astigmatism, which includes astigmatism lenses. The contacts for astigmatism will be matched to your eyes for comfort as well as for the correction factor by your optometrist. There astigmatism contacts available at the office of your optometrist, but you will also notice that you know exactly what your prescription lenses is astigmatism, the contacts for astigmatism are also available for purchase Online. The purchase of astigmatism contact lenses online is easy and you will deliver your astigmatism contacts to your door for convenience.

    astigmatism contacts-glasses that make a difference

  • astigmatism contacts -glasses that make a difference

    Astigmatism glasses are a miracle. If you believe in the Big Bang or not, whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe or not in the theories of Darwin, you can not deny the incredible beauty of the cosmos. 

    However, enjoying the beauty of the world in which we live requires functioning of sensory organs such as eyes. Unfortunately, many people have diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and that prevent us from seeing things as well as we could. 

    To enjoy the glory of nature, astigmatism patients can use contacts.To astigmatism understand how specially designed contacts can help us overcome astigmatism, it is essential that we develop a clear understanding of the disease itself even.

     People with this condition are unable to focus their sight on a specific point because of the defective retina. 
    These patients may appreciate the beauty of a flower garden, but can not focus their attention on one bloom.There are many variations of this disease which include astigmatism with-the-rule astigmatism against-la- rule, oblique astigmatism and irregular astigmatism.

     Fortunately, astigmatism contacts can help people with all variants of the disease to overcome their defects of vision. 

    That said, the degree of assistance granted by vision contacts varies.Using astigmatism astigmatism patients can avoid contacts refractive surgery that is a much more expensive treatment. Furthermore, although there is a high success rate, there is no guarantee that refractive surgery will fix astigmatism. 

    Why take a chance with surgery, when using contacts can be just what you need to correct this vision defect? 

    The Federal Drug Administration approved the use of astigmatism contacts to treat this defect vision. Although there is no shortage of brands as much as 42 brands have been approved by the FDA, Acuvue contact lenses are the most popular. 

    They are known especially for their reliability and lack of effects.It side is a common misconception that astigmatism contacts are not disposable, unlike contact lenses recommended for other defects in vision. 

    Advanced Search by optometrists, ophthalmologists, and optical physicists helped to manufacture low cost contact lenses to correct astigmatism. In fact, Acuvue are disposable

    astigmatism contacts-Work Better Than Eyeglasses

  • astigmatism contacts-Work Better Than Eyeglasses

    Many people wear contact lenses rather than glasses for reasons both aesthetic and 
    practical. With contacts, you look better and see better than you can with glasses. People with astigmatism require specific types of lenses, however, and astigmatism contacts can be a little more expensive than other lenses. 

    You can always buy online lens at discounted prices, although those of severe astigmatism may still need to be customized made.Astigmatism is Inconsistency in the Cornea of the eye or lens of the eye that makes objects appear more blurred in one direction than in another. 

    Astigmatism can be regular or irregular and varies in severity. The type and severity dictate what type of contact lenses and lens that works price you need.Irregularly astigmatism is caused by A scar on the Cornea of the eye that can be the result of physical injury or scratch to the eye.

     This type of astigmatism can only be corrected with glasses, glasses are not effective. Contacts to correct irregular astigmatism must be specially adapted and performed by a doctor.Regular astigmatism of the eye requires a toric contact lens.

     Toric lenses are different from regular contacts in that they have a curvature in a direction that is different from the other form of management. The best way to visualize this curvature is to consider the kind of curvature that football has.

     Mild astigmatism can be corrected with soft toric contact lenses. More severe astigmatism must be corrected with rigid types lenses.Both contact astigmatism contacts are weighted at the base to hold the lens in the correct alignment with their eye. 

    It is important to remember, as nodding contacts can lead misalignment and reduce the quality of vision. 

    The glasses are more suitable for people who always need to see while changing the orientation of the body, because the glasses are fixed in position with these times.Getting these online contact lenses can sometimes be difficult. 

    Toric lenses for astigmatism are available Shoplens.com light and are generally equally inexpensive as other contact lenses. Rigid contact lenses are harder to find, and often need to be bought by an ophthalmologist. 

    Irregular contact lenses should also be made to measure, and are harder to find.

     Ultimately, the majority of people with astigmatism should be able to buy their Shoplens lenses online, because most cases of astigmatism are light and easy to fix. However, some people will have specially taken astigmatism contacts